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Volvo S90 Launch
- May-June 2016, Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Adana - Turkey

For the launch event of new Volvo S90 automobile, CPM Created an experiential design for the multi-city launch event and I designed the visuals. We created a projection area which had a holographic part at the center, while the real Volvo S90 was just behind. We used the visuals to demonstrate the new specifications of the S90.

Role: Concept design, Motion design, Live visuals
Client: Volvo
Agency: CPMİstanbul
Art Direction: Candaş Şişman from NOHlab
Additional animations and visuals:  NOHlab, Candaş Şişman and Deniz Kader
Sound design/ Music: Taner Yücel

Documentation Video>>

The center part of the images below represents the Holographic projection area.

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