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Under An Alias - Genius Loci Festival
–– 2012,  Weimar Germany

A very exciting 3D projection mapping project from Genius Loci Weimar Mapping festival 2012, produced by Nerdworking and made by a group of young artists with the artistic direction of NOHlab.
I made the motion design (9.17'- 11.00' ) inspired by Wassily Kandinsky, who was a teacher at Bauhaus University, and I also supervised the whole mapping process.

Under An Alias is a digital historical expression. The project took place in Weimar, a small German town of 65,000 where the majority of its income is from culture. Weimar is a meeting and creation point for eminent intellectuals of our current times. This town is where Goethe wrote his masterpieces and where the music of Franz Liszt could be heard. This is where the republic of Germany was founded in 1919, whose legacy was subsequently marred by the establishment of a Nazi concentration camp in 1937. Weimar, a city that currently merges art and architecture in Bauhaus University, has many untold stories.

Although difficult, telling Weimar’s story was incredibly educational for an Istanbul-based group of artists. It gave an opportunity to all of us to illustrate a story from another perspective. Dozens of people spent long hours immersing themselves in the rich cultural background, while taking into consideration the opinions of previous researchers. Under An Alias made its debut as the main act of the Genius Loci Festival. The project also won a honorary mention award from ARS Electronica in 2012.

Design and Art Direction: NOHlab (Candaş Şişman - Deniz Kader)

Motion Design and Animation Teams:

Fehmican Gözüm
Gökalp Gönen
Saygın Soher
Sinan Büyükbaş

Creative Director: Ferdi Alıcı
3D Artists & Designers: Çağlar Özen, Emre Önol, Ferdi Alıcı
2D Artists & Designers: Dilan Tanrıkulu Regal, Harun Kerem Köse, Yusuf Emre Kucur
Compositing: Ferdi Alıcı

CG Supervisor: Coşku Özdemir
3D Artists & Designers : Davut Toy, Vikram Puttanna

Sound Design: Alp Coksoyluer, Giray Gürkal, Görkem Şen
Architectural 3D Modelling: Kerem Asfuroğlu
Architectural 3D Mapping: Fehmican Gözüm
Storyboard Artist: İsmail Anıl Güzeliş
Documentation: Cansu Turan
Project Management: NERDWORKING (Erdem Dilbaz)
Render Farm: RenderRider
Special Thanks to Gökçen Dilek Açay, İkinciParti Prodüksiyon, Stefan Kraus

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Genius Loci Weimar is an exciting international festival for multimedia facade projections and site-specific audiovisual performances. The festival combines the historical spirit of Weimar and the contemporary techniques of video mapping, involving static objects in order to create an additional geometrical dimension and optical illusion.
Here is a behind the scenes video of the first edition of Genius Loci Weimar, held in 2012 by Keuchel&Vogel which includes interview with our team, technical stuff, spectators and other participants of the festival! .


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