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Sign of the City Awards Ceremony
-November 2014, Four Seasons Bosphorus Istanbul -Turkey

Hürriyet, one of the most popular mainstram newspapers in Turkey, holds the Sign of the City Awards. It is an event for real estate and construction in Turkey. There are 28 different categories of awards and more than 500 participants from the sector involved in this event. I have created the ident design of the visuals according to a custom stage design made by Doğuş Bitecik from CPM Istanbul. We created a screen design which can be transformed into different shapes during the 2 hour long event and made a projection mapping on the custom surface. The opening video of the event was made by design studio Ouchhh.

Role: Art direction, Ident design, Motion design, Project management.
Client: Hürriyet
Agency: Cpm İstanbul
Sound design: Taner yücel
Venue: Four Seasons Bosphorus


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