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Perspectives - Altarea Cogedim
- September 2018, Atelier des Lumieres Paris - France

An other really challenging project that I have done with Superbien Paris. I have created the immersive event visuals for Perpectives event of Altarea Cogedim in one of the most exciting venues in Paris for visuals; Atelier des Lumieres. We have created visulas for over 1 hour for about 100K resolution for all interior of Atelier des Lumieres. I have created an opening film for the event, Ambient visuals for presentations and a couple of presentation templates for the clients recent works. I have also created new technical render and working templates for this unique venue.

Role: Concept design and development, Art direction, Motion design.
Client : Altarea Cegedim
Agency: Tetro Paris
Design Studio: Superbien Paris
Project manager: Agnés Bosment
Venue : Atelier des Lumiéres, Paris

Documentation >>

Here is the documentation video from event night by Tetro

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