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Orange Show HELLO 
-2017, Salle Pleyel Paris - France

For the 2017 edition of the Orange Hello Show, Superbien Paris designed a unique installation inculding moving LED panels, volumetric lights, and artistic performances. For this major event, I was part of creation team in Superbien Paris.  We made the artistic direction and created the video content accompanying Stéphane Richard's speech, illustrating the innovative concepts unveiled.

Role: Motion design
Client: Orange
Agency: Havas Events
Design studio: Superbien Paris
Creative Director: Tom Scalabre
Sound Production and Musical Representation: Start Rec
Artistic coordination: Audrey Baldacci
Scenography: Timothée Perrotin
Technical resources: Dushow, S Group and Fosphor
Choreography: Compagnie Hybride
Choristers: OMMM
Light design: Sam Boullier
Documentation: Havas Productions
Director: Thierry Garnier
Video editing: Victor Gounon
Music: Start Rec
Photo Credits: Mat Beaudet
Venue: Salle Pleyel


Here is a video from Compagnie Hybride's edit with my visual.

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