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Hennessy H250 
-march 2016, Crimean Church Istanbul, Turkey

A private dinner for Hennesy took place in a hidden magical venue in the heart of Istanbul.  CPM Istanbul transformed the church into an amazing mysterious hall and I designed the visuals for this special night. We created a hologram surface on the wooden structure between the altar and guests as well as a projection on the beautiful ceiling structure beneath the altar.

Well known musician Görkem Şen also performed with an instrument of his own invention, the Yaybahar. I also made live visuals for his performance. Guests discovered the different Hennessy products with a degustation menu while mystical ambient visuals were playing. After the musical performance, guests watched the film of Hennessy’s 250 year journey, which was designed specially for the hologram surface.

Role: Art direction, Motion design, Live Visuals 
Client: Hennessy
Agency: CPM Istanbul
Project Manager: Doğuş Bitecik
Production Manager: Cem Görk
Live Music Performance: Görkem Şen

Screen Design >> 

We installed a holographic projection surface on a wooden construction on the front side of the altar and projected our visuals on that specific area. I created the visuals according to this special wooden structure. We also located our projectors at a lower angle behind the structure so that we could see the beams going through the wooden structure.

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