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Festival Les Escales - Focus City Istanbul
- Aug 2014, Saint Nazaire - France

Les Escales is a festival of world music, pop, rock, electro, funk, and all sorts of different genres of music taking place at the port of Saint-Nazaire, France and organized by the association Les Escales. After two years of planning, the first edition of the Festival Les Escales was born in the heart of summer 1992 and every year they chose a focus city, inviting amazing musicians of different genres from that particular city as well as a selection of other international musicians. The festival naturally found its place between the Loire river and the Atlantic Ocean, on the exceptional site of “ l'Île du Petit Maroc(Little Morocco Island)“, on the Port of Saint-Nazaire.

I was commissioned by the festival to make a visual installation in one of the indoor areas. I worked with a scenography team lead by Jean Marc Bernard "Jimi Paradise" to create scenography based on İstanbul. The festival is visited by over 30,000 people in 2 days.

I worked with illustrators Engin Öztekin and Mustafa Gündem.

Mustafa and I designed a big mural illustrating Istanbul. Mustafa painted on one of the big walls in the festival area and I projected some visuals on the mural. In addition to that I used Engin’s illustraions and animated them as a part of my projection mapping.

Role: Production, Motion design
Client: Association Les Escales
Illustration: Mustafa Gündem, Engin Öztekin
Venue: Salles Jacques Brell,  l'Île du Petit Maroc

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