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Genius Loci Weimar Mapping
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- 2013

A project proposal for the Genius Logi Weimar projection mapping competition.

Basing itself around the basic principles of the Bauhaus era, the first of the four different stages will consist of abstract geometric graphics which accentuate the building’s features. Through interpretations of that era's artwork, the formation of Bauhaus principles are emphasized. Minimal forms that are shown in this part are inspired by the school's impact on the development of modern culture.
The idea behind the second stage refers to the avantgarde and international aspects of The Bauhaus. People have gathered together to form the school and people will be gathering to watch the festival; and the aim in this stage is to shape the seen image together with the audience. This video installation will send the captured video signals simultaneously to the media server and these images will be projected to the uniquely large windows of the facade. The audience will be given five individual constructions with fixed cameras overlooking a perspex box, each will be capturing the movement of dynamic things like fluids, particles, etc. People will be able to move these constructions as they like; so the mapping will be open to optic, motional and rhythmic manipulations. The outcome will be different each time, and this video installation could also be experienced apart from the mapping.
Taking off from the live footage aspect of the previous stage, the third part will have live audio and video mixing, using a visual library which mainly plays around with light effects on the building. The visuals will be simultaneously changed in unison with the performance of the dj. This way each performance will be experimental and unique.
Following the live stage, this conclusive fourth part suggests cheating new forms on the building via optic illusions, seeming to change structure and material. This stage is inspired by Op art, which was influenced strongly by Bauhaus.

Motion design and animations by Fehmican Gözüm
Sound design and original music by Taner Yücel 

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