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Art of Winning
-2018, City of Dreams Macau - China 

Art of winning is another really exciting project that I participated in with an amazing team at Superbien, Paris. I made the visuals for a live orchestra performance during a private dinner at the City Of Dreams in Macau, June 2018.

City of Dreams is one of the most important casino hotels in Macau, China. They organized this private event for their most important 300 guests and we created visuals for this unique event. During the event there were interactive games, a degustation experience and musical performances in between. I made the visuals for all the musical performances, performed by an amazing orchestra conducted by Thomas Roussel and, as well as some other visuals for the general identitiy of the event.

Role: Motion design
Design Studio: Superbien Paris
Project manager: Caroline Gunther
Motion design: Morgan Beauvais
Production & design : Bureau Betak
Local executive production : Activation Events
Venue : City Of Dreams, Macau
Client : Melco Resorts & Entertainment
Pictures : Benoit Florençon

Screen Set up >>>

The Screen setup consists of one main screen, four screens located on top of the orchestra in a square shape and 25 smaller screens located in different places all around the hall invluding th whole ceiling. We have tried to create a continious emerging feeling around the spectators. The immersive screen set up with an amazing set up for lights allowed us to maintain wholeness visuals while using live feed during the event including scorebords for the interactive games. 

Concept Design >>

I have created different concepts for each piece that orchestra performed. I have designed the visuals in order to be in a balance of “musical and rythmic”, “high tech and technologic” and in an ambient feeling for not to bother spectators with tiring movements. Here are some images from creation process...

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