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The Secret of the Great Pyramid,
30th Anniversary of Louvre Pyramides

2019, Paris - France

“The secret of the great pyramid” is a large scale public art installation made by French Photography artist JR, for the 30th Anniversary of Louvre Pyramides .
The idea was showing the foundations of the Pyramid buried for millenaries to “become aware of how big Leoh Ming Pei’s masterpiece is”. The only problem was the anamorphosis work can be seen from a place not opened to visitors…  2 giant screens set in the Cour Napoléon to follow the installation live by the spectators.
I made the 3d projection of the Anamorphic image on the architectureal structure in digital environment and mapping for print set up as a part of a team in Superbien Paris. We lazer scanned the “Cour Napoléon” and created a 3d model for us to be able to create the printing set up for each individual surface on the area.

Named The Secret of the Great Pyramid, the anamorphic image was made from 2,000 stickers surrounding Pritzker Prize-winning architect IM Pei's glass building, making it appear to project out from a white excavated crater.
At 17,000-square-meters, it was French street artist JR's largest collage to date. 

Role: 3d projection mapping
Client: JR
Design Studio: Superbien
3d projection, 3d modeling: Maks Loriot
Print setup: Camille Pajot
Project Manager: Agnés Bosment
Venue: Cour Napoléon , Louvre Museum
Documentation Photography: JR, 

The anamorphic image was working just one angle which was on top of the middle point of the museum facing the Pyramids. A camera has been located there and made live feed to two giant LED screens located on the site. with the live feed spectators also could see themselves on top of the image.

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