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12th Kırmızı Awards 
-May 2015 , Zorlu PSM Istanbul - Turkey

Kırmızı Press Awards ( Kımızı Ödülleri) Ident and dynamic LED screen stage design.
Introduced in 2003 and conducted every year since, Hürriyet’s Kırmızı (Red) annual awards are handed out to recognize and reward success on the part of advertisers, agencies, and other individuals involved in the advertising industry, and also to encourage creativity in press advertising. The Kırmızı Awards competition is unique in Turkey because its honors were originally handed out only for newspaper and magazine ads. In 2010 the Kırmızı Awards introduced yet another first in Turkey with the launch of its “Kırmızı Region” series of awards for which only agencies located outside İstanbul may compete. This series’ aim is to discover and reward excellence in local advertising in towns and cities all over Turkey.

With CPM Istanbul, for the 12th edition of the awards, we created a dynamic LED screen installation for the stage and visuals connected with the previous years event, which had also been created by me.
I used Shinsuke Matsumoto's amazing isometric cube preset for this project. Thank you...   

Role: Art Direction, Ident design, Stage design, Motion design
Client: Hürriyet / Kırmızı
Agency: CPMİstanbul
Sound design and Music: Taner Yücel
Stage and screen design: Doğuş Bitecik, Fehmican Gözüm
Lighting design and technician: Kayhan Koşar
Photography: Engin Irız
Video Documentation: Davide Calafa
Venue: Zorlu Center PSM

Opening Film Documentation >>

Opening Film Screen Version >>

making of video >>

Stage Design >>

With Doğuş Bitecik from CPM istanbul we have created an dynamic LED screen installation with a grid of  moving head lights designed and programmed by Kayhan Koşer.
We created different stages of the location of led screens during the 2 hour long show and created animations with a hormaony with Moving head lights.
The smaller screens at right and left also used for live video feed from the event and main center screen used to award winning works and the category names.
I had to design our templates accordingly to different stages of the LED screens.

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